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First of all, this is going to be a really big mess for a while. At least, until I get the hang of it again. And, with any luck, I'll get a grip on it before the turn of the century! Therefore, I aptly dub this Blog, The "RTM Chaos Chronicles"! Apropos of the whirlwind ups and downs, praises and disappointments, meaningful events to pointless comments, accomplishments, highlights, features, progress, new/past talent, new/old clients, etc. In the name of transparency, and at the risk of possibly annoying, disturbing or perhaps even shocking someone, all posts will be unambiguously written. With fair warning clearly stated; "If You Don't Like It, Then Simply Go Away!!!" Duly Dubbed, The "RTM Chaos Chronicles"! RTM Hispanic Voice Over Talent from Mexico, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Post-Production Services for the U.S. Latino Radio & TV Market.

And Now, we proudly introduce you to; The "RTM Chaos Chronicles"...

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