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RTM's NEW Partner List:

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

RTM's NEW Partner List - Previously Published RTM Blog Post regarding Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services.

Like we don’t have enough spoons in the pot.

For the moment we’ll refer to this entry as the RTM Partner List.

With this in mind, now Teresa has taken on the task of filtering a list of tentative RTM clients to target. Of course, this is in conjunction with the launch of the New RTM Web Site. Furthermore, she has decided that we will need to add a Landing Page to the RTM Website as well. Go figure! So, Teresa began working on this list sometime last year. As a result, she has meticulously filtered this list down to a select few leads. By few I mean, around 2,000 companies. Consequently, this results from several thousands of companies.

In addition, she’s got a list of past and or inactive clients ready for revival.

Honestly, if anyone can revive a client, it’s Teresa. In other words, she can miraculously breath life back into an account long left for dead. Still, I don’t know how she does it! Therefore, I’ll simply leave it as is! At any rate, let's just keep moving forward, Oh Yeah!!!

Gotta get up, scratch my butt and go make room for more Clients at RTM!

"HOORAY for our RTM Partner List!" – RTM Bi-Lingual Hispanic Voice Over Talent from Mexico, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Localized Post-Production Services for the U.S. Latino Radio & TV Market. Radio Spots & TV Commercials.

Monday, June 1st, 2015 9:03:52 am

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