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New RTM Crew Member Eric Tadros

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Eric Tadros New RTM Crew Member - Previously Published RTM Blog Post regarding Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services.

RTM extends a very warm Welcome to Eric Tadros.

The man from Paris, France is now an integral part of RTM.

Eric is the man behind the scenes organizing and guiding us on the right course to get this New RTM Site up and running. RTM is extremely fortunate to have met with Eric earlier this year on another project. We hadn’t any clue as to his talents nor capabilities in web design, graphic arts, Audio, Video, All Adobe Suites, etc.

Eric is as talented as he is modest.

Not a pretentious bone in his body. Countless times I’ve encountered people claiming to know how to do this and that. And when it comes time to produce, they haven’t a clue. Eric is completely the opposite. I almost have to dig relentlessly, to find out what all his talents are. Eric is full of surprises and is always ready to take on any challenge you can toss his way.

You can visit Eric at his Company Web Site at: Créme. Should you not be able to connect via the Créme Link, simply copy and paste the following link into your browser and click Enter; ( Eric can fulfill any of your graphics needs. Such as Website Design, Graphics, Animation, Movie Editing, etc. Anything visual you can think of, be assured, Eric can take care of it.

He may be in Paris but he is very well versed in English. You’ll see I’m not mistaken; Eric ROCKS!!! T

here are but a handful of individuals I’ll promote, and Eric IS One Of Those Individuals!

HOORAY for our New RTM Crew Member Eric Tadros! – Only At RTM – Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services!

New RTM Crew Member Eric Tadros

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 1:36:59 am

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