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RTM Offers Latino Voice Discount

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Special For The Month of February - Previously Published RTM Blog Post regarding Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services.

The Special For The Month of February:

Get a 25% discount applied to Latino/Latina Voice Over Talent Services by clicking the image below.

Have your Radio Spot or TV Commercial voiced by any of RTM’s Latino/Latina Voice Over Talent for 25% off the regular fee, from now until the end of February. That’s $45.00 for any Radio Spot or TV Commercial voiced by RTM’s Latino/Latina Voice Over Talent.

Sure, that’s only a $15.00 savings, but when you add it up, those are big savings at the end of the month. Just figure how many orders you’re placing per month and you’ll see how it affects your bottom line!

So get up, scratch your butt and save $15.00 off our already laughably low prices!

RTM – Latino Voice Talent, Spanish Translation & Audio/Video Post-Production Services For The Hispanic Market!

Friday, January 29th, 2016 5:07:29 am

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