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2013 Chicago HCC Expo-SIZZLES OUT!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

2013 Chicago HCC Expo-SIZZLES OUT! - Previously Published RTM Blog Post regarding 2013 CHICAGO HCC Expo for Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services.

RTM Crew leaves overwhelmingly disappointed...

WOW!!! What a Disaster!

I was truly amazed at the lack of communication and interaction I experienced at The "2013 Chicago Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Expo" earlier today.

I expected more of:

This is who we are,

This is what we do,

and How can we Serve You?

and perhaps even an iota of interest in what we had to offer?


For the most part, most of the folks there were so wrapped up with themselves that, we were all but invisible.

I was interested in services of about three companies and couldn’t get anyone’s attention. I did though, after tapping on a lady’s shoulder, managed to have her brush me off to one of her underlings. Very Awkward, Indeed!

I even had one gal, president of a (NAMELESS) Translation Agency,

Rudely Challenged my fluency in Spanish! Obviously,

She’s NOT GETTING MY BUSINESS! And a substantial amount of technical Translations I farm out on a regular basis.

Although another Ad Agency’s personnel was very outgoing.

I was attended to quite quickly and to my surprise, I was pleasantly greeted with what I believed to be sincere interest.

I was asked as to the nature of my business and immediately after I revealed my profession, it all began to sour. I went into “Shut Off Mode”!!!

This fella, as nice as he is, just wouldn't shut up! He was at the center of the stage! HIS STAGE! The Babbling Drone was all about himself. This was similar to a less than poor rejected Sponge Bob episode where Patrick goes on and on!

This guy began his story from his childhood, to a young man beginning his TV Advertising career in Mexico, to the time he produced for some station in Chicago and was awarded either Addy’s or whatever accolades he mentioned for his commercials and finally, to his present position; Producer!

I can’t fathom how this company can retain clients if they are ever exposed to this guy. He’ll Bore Them To Death He’s best kept in the Edit Suite, if they know what’s good for business.

Here is what truly Cheesed Me Off!

We walked over to “The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce” booth to get some information on membership and the two gals supposedly there to attend to visitors, were so engaged in a very intriguing conversation.

This is where I decided to check the time that we stood there leafing thru the propaganda on the table, sighing a couple of times, periodically glancing at them to acknowledge us, for all of four minutes and a few seconds.

WOW!!! and these are the people “The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce” entrusts to represent them. Without question, these gals need to be terminated. But, not before terminating the buffoon that these two knuckleheads fooled into believing they were the perfect candidates to represent “The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce”.

Aside ours, I wonder how many possible memberships the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce missed out on today? We were ready to buy, but NO CIGAR!

Well, this has gone well into overtime! Needless to say, we will not ever be attending another “Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Expo”. At least, NOT in Chicago.

Save yourself a trip, Save yourself the money. Save yourself the Parking. And most importantly, be certain you hire the right person to represent your company.

HOORAY for Radio TV & More! – Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services For The Latino Market!

August 29th, 2013 7:30:18 pm

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