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RTM "Pocket Demos” App

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Above all, Don’t Go To A Client Without The “RTM Pocket Demos” App!


As a result, due to numerous inquiries, requests, and a 4 year hiatus, the “RTM Pocket Demos” App has returned! To begin with, use this free tool to boost your sales. Hence, you close more deals, and we get more work. SWEET!!! In short, it’s a No-Brainer and an All-Around No Cost Win-Win Sales Instrument. Incidentally, no other Hispanic Voiceover Agency provides a tool as this to their clients! Above all, we don’t pay one single cent to host this tool at the Web App Store nor Google Play.


For this reason, we provide this as a free tool and pass the savings on to you, our client.

So then, Get The “RTM Pocket Demos” App NOW!!!


By the way, it’s Completely FREE of Charge!!! For the most part, many of you are already familiar with the benefits and advantages of using RTM’s Mobile Demos. For example, when selecting a voice talent is the only thing lacking to close a deal. In this case, you can instantly access the demos for your client to sample at that very crucial moment! As a result, you’ll diminish the Cool-Down Period and close the deal while it’s HOT.


In conclusion, you now have leverage with the “RTM Pocket Demos” App.

In the first place – the “RTM Pocket Demos” App is FREE!!! Get It TIGHT-WAD!!!


Besides, It’s always handy, always ready and always at your fingertips on your “Home Screen”. Thereby, you won’t lose another deal by allowing your client the time to rethink/back-out of the deal. Equally, never again waste valuable time returning to the office to request/search for a demo to send to your client. Incidentally, If you don’t get this app, well then, you’re just a complacent Bone-Head!

Next, follow these simple steps to get “RTM Pocket Demos” App on your Home-Screen

(Apple / Android Gear);


By the way, the first 2 steps are the same for both OS.
So then, Step 01:  First, scan the “RTM QR Code”.,  Next, Step 02:  Then, the “RTM Pocket Demos” page will open in your browser.


  1. So then, tap the Share/Upload Button at center bottom.

  2. Afterward, “Add To Home” will open and you may rename it if you’d like.

  3. Then, tap Add at lower right corner.

  4. Finally, the “RTM Icon” is now on your Home Screen for you to access “RTM Pocket Demos”. You’re done!



  1. Next, tap “Open Menu” and the drop down will appear.

  2. Then, select “Add to Home Screen” and you may rename it if you so choose.

  3. Then tap Add at lower right corner.

  4. Afterward, the “RTM Icon” displays on your Home Screen for quick access to the “RTM Pocket Demos”.

       It’s That Simple!

“Easy Schmeazy!!!” – Right?

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RTM Pocket Demos App for Hispanic Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations & Cust

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