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We Now Present to You…
Goofy FAQs at RTM


To begin with, we try to anticipate No-Brainer questions about RTM‘s Spanish Voice Over Talent, Spanish Translation & Audio Post-Production Services. Thus, providing the answers on the “Goofy FAQs” page. As a result, if you need additional information, simply call us and we’ll be pleased to speak with you.

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Furthermore, the “Goofy FAQs” provide general information regarding RTM’s Spanish Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translation & Audio Post-Production Services. Also, additional information, documents and forms are provided throughout this Website. Equally important, this page is the primary source of information for RTM Partners. In addition, Potential Partners should contact RTM for additional information not found on the “Goofy FAQs” page.

For instance, below are a few common questions, including some of the dumbest questions we’ve encountered to date. Therefore, we will update the “Goofy FAQs” section periodically with the most recent dumb questions that we’re asked. HAHAHA!!!

Q:   Why Choose RTM?

A:   “You’ll always find what you’re searching for in the last place you look!”.

  1. First of all - it’s evident you’ve already looked around. So look no further, you’ve just found the Absolute Best.

  2. Second of all - we’ve been around a very long while and have earned a great reputation providing Hispanic Voice Overs, Localized Spanish Translations & Custom Latino Post-Production Services to our clients. Word gets around about where Radio & TV Stations and Advertising Agencies source their Spanish Voice Talent and that interest keeps RTM delivering more and more great productions.


Q:   Are there any Upfront Fees?

A:   This could be a ridiculously short answer, but we’re going to draw it out into what may possibly be the most long-winded  answer we have ever mustered so that this space doesn’t just clearly and unequivocally state in a nut-shell; “NO!”.


Q:   How do you deliver my Spanish Translation and Voice Over Audio Files?

A:   The Fast Old Fashioned No-Hassle way Boo-Boo! As an attachment by e-mail (we've upgraded from Carrier Pigeons, as they’re of higher maintenance cost than e-mail.). In addition, if you ever experience a hard drive crash and lose your files, just contact RTM and we’ll re-deliver your files to you.


Q:   How do I pay my Invoice to RTM?

A:   Chase QuickPay® with Zelle® is RTM’s primary method of payment. A Quick, Efficient, and Easy way to maintain a Current Account. We also accept US Currency, but you’ll have to pay the boss in person since he simply doesn't trust us!


Q:  I have a few tags to be translated and voiced. Can I bundle them into one order since together they total less than :30?

A:   NO! Don’t Press Your Luck “CHEAP-O”‽‽‽ I’d like to hear you use that line on a plumber. We forbid "Cluster Orders". TAGS; whether one or ten, are considered each an order and billed respectively. Therefore, Bundle Orders containing multiple Tags will be broken down into however many tags the Cluster contains. In addition, this applies to 2 :15s crammed into an order for a :30. We fully understand the constraints of a tight budget, watching the bottom line or simply trying to save money. But please understand that we as well are on a budget and cannot afford to eat a client's mistake for under-quoting their own client. Keep in mind, we already offer the ridiculously lowest rates you can find anywhere on Premium Services. So please, Do Not add Insult to Injury by requesting a lesser fee than what we quote.


Q:   I don’t have a script, but I do have a video/audio of the English version of my spot. Can you Translate directly from the Video/Audio File?

A:   Not without an additional fee! Can YOU? Hmmm, I thought NOT! An actual script is necessary for the Translators to work from. Therefore, if you’d like, we will Transcribe your video/audio file before we perform a translation, or you can save a few bucks by transcribing the source yourself and then send the script to us for translation. The Transcription Fee is equal to, and in addition to the Translation Fee.


Q:   I received this spot at the last minute and I need it voiced and returned in under an hour!… Can you do this for me?

A:   Sure, why not, right? But not as a favor! We simply don’t do favors. So don't embarrass yourself!!! JUST DON'T BOTHER TO ASK!!! Favors are costlier than simply charging you. But for an Additional Fee, your request may be delivered in as much as an hour. Question is… How badly do you need it within the hour? Because it’s truly going to cost you dearly. Being that your production must be FIRST as it is of utmost importance, we’ll need to BUMP our other client’s equally important production just to accommodate you. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s not fair. Oh, you thought I meant Not Fair To Charge You? Oh No, No, No... On the contrary, it’s not fair to our clients, nor to us you know. As for the Fee, you’re right, it’s not fair and we should charge more. Call Us to discuss "EXPRESS DELIVERY". Our present Delivery Policy is “Next Day Delivery - EOD”, however it is most likely you'll receive your production the same day you request it.


Q:   What information do you need from me when I submit my script?

A:   Simply e-mail your script. Include your name and direct phone number, the VO Talent you want, as well as Production Notes: Time, Style desired and Required Delivery Time. Be certain to call us to clarify pronunciation of Branded Words, Terms or Phrases. Send Sample or a Scratch Track if you’d like. That usually helps.


Q:   How will I know when my production is ready?

A:   Don't Dummy-Up Dude!!! You need to listen!!! Check your e-mail!!! We'll deliver the production to your Inbox.


Q:   Will you bill me again if I change only one word on the script you produced earlier today?

A:   Really??? GEEEZZZ!!! What is the matter with you??? Ask a Carpenter if he’ll charge you for adding only one more cabinet to your kitchen and listen to what he tells you. This is an “Author Edit” and you will be billed again, for recording any changes made to the original script..


Q:   Will you bill me again if I want a re-cut on a produced spot from a month ago?

A:   Pfffff... Of course! You should have proofed the production upon delivery and immediately notified RTM of the error. We allow clients a “24 Hour Proofing Period” to listen to and approve audio. The 24 Hour Proofing Period begins from the Time Stamp on the Production Delivered e-mail. Any request made after the “24 Hour Proofing Period”, will be billed as a new order.


Q:   I just now found an error in the script I sent; can I stop production to revise my script?

A:   Certainly! If the Talent hasn't begun recording, we’ll hold your order at no charge. In the event the Talent has already begun voicing your script, then we we'll have no choice but to bill you again for a new read. Check your scripts thoroughly before submitting them to RTM for Voicing or Translation.


Call us if you don't find the answer to a question you may have, or if we pissed you off with some smart-ass answers to dumb questions regarding RTM Scripts, Spanish Translations, Spanish Voice Over Talent, Delivery & Fees.


If these Goofy FAQs have not cleared up any questions you may have had, please let us know!


This concludes "Goofy FAQs at RTM".

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