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RTM Fees & Specifications

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Fees & Specifications – Current RTM Update.

First, we thank you for visiting the Fees & Specifications section for Hispanic Voiceovers, Localized Spanish Translation & Post-Production Services. Next, we’ll brief you on rate increases, adjustments and other features applied to our services as of 01/01/2020. For instance, announcements about new voice talent, features, fees, and services which will allow RTM to better serve you. In particular, bringing you epic Latino voice talent, and post-productions that are second to none. Coupled with, impeccable human localized Spanish translations, a brief delivery cycle, and so much more. In conclusion, RTM is the source for a cost effective solution to increase your bottom line. You know, unlike those other guys!

By the way, we made a few updates to the RTM Fees & Specifications page. Below is a list of some of the changes:

1. For instance, the “RTM Pocket Demos” App. Of course, it’s optimized for all devices to take us wherever you go (Scan the QR Code above/below & save to your Home Screen.).
2. Exclusive, Localized Spanish Translations by real people – NO AT/MT Software.
3. In fact, you have full access to Non-Union Talent.
4. At the same time, our Buy-Out Productions, are all yours.
5. Also, take advantage of our Free Audio Post-Production* when available.
6. Besides, we do provide Foley Effects (Ask and we’ll see what we can do for you!)
7. In addition to, a current Library of  Modern License Free Music.
8. Finally,  we Archive Translations and Audio Files for 30 Days.

Of course, you may share your thoughts on Fees & Specifications by visiting and posting on the RTM Chaos Chronicles (Blog).

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At least, two changes in regards to Scripts and Voice Overs have been made.

  • First of all, RTM does not accept “Cluster Orders”.

    • For instance, a “Cluster Order” is any combination of Tags, Sweepers, Drops, Liners, etc. used to fill 30 seconds.

    • Therefore, each Tag, Sweeper, Drop, Liner, etc. is considered an individual request and billed accordingly.

  • Equivalently, we do not accept “Stuffed Orders”.

    • In this case, a “Stuffed Order” is any combination of requests containing 2-15 second spots and requesting it as a 30.

    • In addition to, any mix of Tag, Sweeper, Drop, Liner, 10, 15 & 30 second spots used to fill 60 seconds.

    • Accordingly, each spot is considered an individual request and billed as such.

  • Finally, RTM rejects this type request and client will need to resubmit them as separate orders.

  • Incidentally, fees do apply for Proofing/Editing all Third Party Translations.

  • Equally important, always refer to the Fees & Specifications page. You just can’t go wrong!

  • As a rule, all scripts are read exactly as written. To be specific, RTM Talent will not proof, nor edit third-party scripts.

  • For instance, the talent has already voiced your script. Afterwards, you edit the script and then ask the talent to record the revised script. Consequently, the revised script will be billed as a new order, in addition to billing for the original script.

  • For this reason, we urge you to proof your scripts before submitting for production. Besides, it’ll save you a ton of money!

  • Additionally, all audio files are formatted to client specifications.

  • Finally, all Audio Files and Scripts will be Archived for 30 Days and deleted thereafter.

  • Again, always consult the Fees & Specifications page.


If fact, we already offer the most ridiculously low rates for Premium Services that you’ll find anywhere. So, don’t embarrass yourself by asking for lower rates than noted below.

    Dry Reads:

  • :30.0 = $70.00.

  • :60.0 = $90.00.

    Surveys, Narrations, IVR, POS, etc.:

  • Over :60 Billed at $40.00 every :30 after the first :60.

  • 1:30 = $130.00.

  • 2:00 = $170.00.

  • 2:30 = $210.00, etc.

In conclusion, we understand the need to economize, cut corners and saving whenever possible. However, “Cluster Orders” & “Stuffed Orders” are a underhanded and dishonest practice. Consequently, should there be a re-occurrence, at RTM’s discretion, your account may be suspended or closed altogether. Lastly, always reference the Fees & Specifications page.




In short, the Format and Word Count sections of the Script Specifications are now clear, and error free, as noted below.


As a rule, RTM employs a Standard Script Format of:

  • First, Double Spaced, 12 Pt. Arial Font Word Document.

  • Second, Margins:

    • Left & Right 1.25”.

    • Top & Bottom 1.25”.

  • Last, each Sentence/Prompt must begin on a new dedicated line and not the same line the previous sentence ends..


As a guide, all scripts submitted for Translation should apply the following Estimated Word Count:








1. Proofing/Editing

  • As has been noted, all scripts are read exactly as written by the client.

  • On the other hand, fees will apply to Proof or Edit a script, Third-Party Transcription or Translation.

2. Transcription

  • First, the Transcription Fee is in addition to the Translation Fee. And equal in cost.

  • In fact, Delivery will be delayed due to the additional time required for Transcription.

  • And yet, you may transcribe this yourself. However, remember this is the base for the Translation.

  • With this in mind, always proof thoroughly and assure the Transcription is precise.

3. Translation

  • To begin with, RTM does not employ AT/MT Software.

  • Therefore, all scripts are translated by Qualified & Educated individuals.

  • Finally, all fees are clearly noted below.

  • Equally important, all Documents are Archived for 30 Days and deleted thereafter.






60-70 words..

70-80 words.
80-90 words..


And, twice as many words for a :60 spot.

RTM Fees & Specifications Custom Audio Post-Production.jpg








Every :30 at $40.00.

after the first :60.

Surveys, IVR, POD, etc.:

.50¢ / Word + $90.00USD.


Accordingly, *”Free Post-Production” applies ONLY to “Translate & Voice” orders and IS NOT valid for “Voice ONLY” orders. Likewise, *Free Post-Production is available ONLY during the dates offered.

  • First, you may select 1 music bed from our RTM Audio Catalogue, or we can choose one for you.

  • Also, you have Up to 2 Sound Effect to select from our Sound Effects Catalogue or similarly, you can have us select for you.

In summary, your order must clearly note “Free Audio Post-Production” in the “Subject-Line” of your order for Translation and Voice. However, additional fees apply for multiple music beds and additional effects. However, always refer to the Fees & Specifications page.


24 Hour Proofing Period:

  • In short, “RECUTS” must be requested within 24 hours of delivery.

  • Consequently, a “RECUT” requested after the “24 Hour Proofing Period” will be billed as a “New Order”.



  • First of all, there is a flat fee of $90.00 USD per four (04) pages of script.

  • For example, the Studio Fee includes,

    • Engineer.

    • Recording.

    • Editing.

    • Post-production.

    • Proofing, and Delivery to client via e-mail as .mp3 file(s).

  • In the end, the Master Backup Audio Files are Archived for (30) days and disposed of thereafter.


  • Accordingly, a 20% Handler’s Fee is added to all RTM Services.


  • First, Single Numeric Prompts (SNPs) are billed at $50.00 every :30 after the first :30.

  • Second, the Fees for Single Numeric Prompts are determined by the “Per Finished Minute” audio as noted below.




Music Beds:



Elements/Sound Effects:

Each -  $40.00.

SNP Table:

Up To – :30.0 = $120             

              1:00.0 = $170             

              1:30.0 = $220         

             2:00.0 = $270         

             2:30.0 = $320


To begin with, phone numbers, prices, websites, and hyphenated terms, contribute to unnecessary bulk in a script. Therefore, spaces must replace hyphens, numerals must be spelled out, etc. And, an accurate word count will be revealed. As a rule, do this prior to submitting scripts for translation and, your request will be produced and delivered to you quickly. Incidentally, we’re certain you understand this, right? Finally, please refer to the Fees & Specifications page for clarification.




New Topic For The RTM News (Blog):

Eventually, we will be covering this topic with much detail in the RTM NEWS (Blog). Presently, the topic is not open. In the meantime, if you would like to post regarding this topic, please, be our guest! Furthermore, we’d like to know what you think about these issues. In addition, refer to the RTM NEWS (Blog) for additional Fees & Specifications information.


Above all, our Terms of Payment are Net Fifteen (15) Days from Invoicing. Therefore, RTM must receive payment by no later than 05 days after Due Date. As a rule, a “Stop Work Order” is placed on Client’s account for failure to pay within this time. In such case, we may opt to defer production, pending orders and suspend all rights for continued use of production. Consequently, the Client in market of media usage will be notified of suspension. And, you accept full responsibility for all expenses. For example, legal fees, court costs, etc. incurred by RTM/Talent in the collection of delinquency/its enforcement of its copyrights/remedies. RTM Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. Your verbal/written request for production, constitutes your, your Subsidiary’s and Affiliate’s acceptance, agreement and commitment to these Terms.

In summary, should you have concerns regarding the Fees & Specifications, please call us, we look forward to working with you very soon.

All the best,

The RTM Crew


Web Sites

Phone Numbers


Hyphenated Words

Client Submition :

Actual Word Count:
15 – h, t, t, p, colon, slash, slash, w, w, w, dot, Web, Site, dot, com.
11 – One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Zero, Zero.
08 – Twenty, Five, Thousand, Nine, Hundred, and, Two, Dollars.
03 – You, Pick, ‘Em.

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Thanks for visiting!

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