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About RTM - The Facts!!!

RTM Productions

Let’s be clear here. RTM is a Hispanic Production Company.

We supply the U.S. Hispanic Market with Latino Voice Over Talent, Localized Spanish Translations and Custom Post-Production Services that surprises, delights, and captivates the target audience. But our focus is also on helping our partners tackle their hairiest challenges in the Spanish Speaking U.S. Market. We'll not waste your time talking about awards and accolades, years of voice over experience or state-of-the-art studios.


Because, It’s Not About RTM.


It’s about YOU.


It’s about supplying you Quality Services with Meticulous Execution.


At RTM, we don’t “just do” voice overs – we bring your production to life.

We’re a skilled group of people with imagination; able to create; wired to perform.

Applying our passions to our partners’ productions and goals.

Sometimes, instead of resting and always, instead of “just” getting it done.


We don’t have a hit list of companies we want to go after.

Instead, we have a list of partners we’d kill to work with, again or for the first time.

The Crew

The RTM Misfits

("Soooo... Devastatingly Handsome!!!")
Jürgen - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

Jürgen Stevens

Co-Founder/Producer/Bi-Lingual Voice Talent

One of RTM‘s Co-Founders, he is the self-proclaimed “Adonis”, aka “El Guapo!!!”. Due to poor eye sight…  I suppose‽‽‽ Usually answers production inquiries, so there’s a very good chance you’ll reach him if you call or e-mail him directly at;

Matthew - Radio, TV & More, LLC .jpg

Matthew Stevens

Co-Founder/Producer/IT Guy/AP-AR/Translator

He’s an RTM Initiator. Web Design, IT, Audio/Video Production, Spanish Translations, etc. He does it all and effortlessly runs circles around the rest, hands down! Only, no voicing. I think he sounds somewhat like a "Munchkin" from the "Lolly Pop Guild"! e-mail him at;

Teresa - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

Teresa Romero

Co-Founder/Translator/Hispanic Voice Talent

She’s one of RTM‘s Pillars, affectionately known as “Hey You!!!”. She’s usually glaring at one of us, doing translations, voicing, or whatever it is she does. We still haven’t quite figured what that is... Better yet, who even hired this broad‽‽‽ Just e-mail her at;

Julie Stanford, Strong Automotive Merchandising - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

Julie Stanford - Producer
Strong Automotive Merch.

“I've worked with the RTM team for several years now. They consistently provide quality audio, outstanding customer service, and deliver the product at lightning speed! They also are budget-minded and always ready to help come up with a plan that saves me money.”

John H. Ferguson, Esq., Medical Injury Law Center - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

“RTM voices all my radio and TV ads. Jürgen is terrific and delivers spots quickly and economically. The voice talent are great. I’m  always pleased with their read, as they follow my directions exactly. I’ve had a very good experience with RTM”

Doug Pieper, MAN Marketing - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

Doug Pieper - Creative Director
MAN Marketing, Inc.

"Wonderfully done. Marcos voiced the script to time/spec. and delivered fast. Thank you so much. The account coordinator loves it. So, you are a hero. The follow-up is appreciated. Few people do that. So, thanks again. We’ll be doing more spots."

Julia Grambo, Advertising Edge, Inc. - Radio, TV & More, LLC.jpg

Julia Grambo - Producer
Advertising Edge, Inc.

"RTM's quality of service is epic! Especially Jürgen’s attention to detail. I'm lucky he proofed a script and alerted me to a major error that could have caused legal issues for my client and my reputation. RTM now does all my translations, and most importantly, it's affirmative, you've got a great asset on your team."



Radio, TV & More, LLC

4119 North Lawndale Avenue - 2nd Floor

Chicago, IL   60618

(847) 802-2800

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