Spanish Translation

Through years of experience preforming translations, we’ve developed expertise in a vast number of areas, subject matters and industries including: radio spots, television commercials, user manuals, manufacturing, print advertising, business, education, entertainment, marketing, web sites and more. Our transcription and translation services include a real human translation, editing and proof reading by three different translators solely to  provide our clients Triple-Quality Verification Assurance. By doing this, we guarantee the accuracy of our work. Our staff is committed and dedicated to provide our clients with unparalleled customer service and attention. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available for consultations daily. Our staff makes your translation goals their own and will work with you to make the translation process effortless & successful.

Have us Translate your English Script to Spanish and one of our Fine Hispanic Male or Female Voiceover Talent can bring your production to life.

Latino Voice Overs

Radio, TV & More's objective is to provide clients with Spanish speaking male & female Latino voiceover talent from Mexico and neighboring countries, delivering high quality audio and a prompt same-day turn around of Radio, Television, infomercials, On-Hold messaging, websites, industrial and corporate narrations, phone messaging and any type media requiring a Hispanic voice from Mexico. And all at a surprisingly low price.

The Latino Voice Talent at Radio, TV & More, reside in their respective countries to preserve and maintain them true and consistent to their Spanish language. When you request a Latino voice over, rest assured the talent you request to voice your script is native and actual to their language. When you require a Hispanic voiceover, find the voice you need, at RTM.

Whether voicing spots, liners, sweepers, imaging, corporate /industrial narration, be assured RTM has a viable solution to your production needs.


In a nut shell, post-production is all out sound design, sound editing, audio mixing, and the addition of sound effects to your production. We will be pleased to post produce your spot. This may be as simple as adding a license free music bed to your production, to adding a wide array of sound effects and elements to your production. Typically, Post Production involves but is not limited to audio design, utilizing equalization, level compression, multi band audio compression, and limiting. It may also include video synchronization for  television ads. Our staff is extremely savvy in this field. They have been sourced mostly from the radio and television production communities. Should you be interested in taking your production to the next level, call us to discuss your production and we’ll be happy to bring your vision to fruition.

Audio, whether spoken word, sound effect, or music, plays directly to your market. So we pay attention to how your audio production sounds.


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